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The Politics of Representation in Latin American Visual Culture

Lent Term 2022

Tuesdays, 11:00am -1.00pm

25 January

Room 204, CLAS, ARB

Sexuality, Cinema and the Transnational Queer (Geoffrey Maguire)

1 February

Room 204, CLAS, ARB

Constellations of Collaboration: Textile Art and Memorialisation in Abya Yala (Lorna Dillon)

8 February Room 204, CLAS, ARB

Violent Materialities: Conflict, Victimhood and the Documentary Body (Geoffrey Maguire)

15 February Room 204, CLAS, ARB

Waste Not Want Not: Film and Garbage (Geoffrey Kantaris)

22 February Room 204, CLAS, ARB

An Aesthetic of the Margins: Photographs by Paz Errázuriz (Sofia Gotti)

1 March Room 204, CLAS, ARB

The Politics of Memory in Post-Dictatorship Argentine Cinema (Geoffrey Maguire)