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Ana María Villaveces Galofre

King’s College


I graduated with an Undergraduate Degree in Literature from Universidad de Los Andes in Bogotá Colombia in 2020. Throughout my time at Undergrad I also completed Minors in Creative Writing and Journalism. In 2022 I obtained my MPhil with Distinction in European, Latin American, and Contemporary Literatures and Cultures with a focus on Latin American Literature in the University of Cambridge. As of October 2022 I am working towards my PhD with support from the Gates Foundation. 


In my PhD I am focused on contemporary horror novels written by Latin American authors (all women) and the links they sketch out between horror, modernity, and History. I am particularly interested in the work of affect and embodiment taking place in contemporary horror as well as in the viscosity of gore as it is presented in writing. Works I will be working with include Nuestra parte de noche by Mariana Enríquez, Temporada de huracanes by Fernanda Melchor, and Mandíbula by Mónica Ojeda. 

Research Interests 

  • Contemporary/Modern Horror 
  • Embodiment and the Senses 
  • Affect and Texture 
  • Gore 
  • Reading and the Body 
  • Escritura Femenina 
  • Horrorism
  • Necropolitics 
  • Phenomenology
  • Queer Literature 

Conference Papers 

  • “Dead Butterflies and Cactus Flowers: The Beauty of Queer Rage and Resistance in Las malas by Camila Sosa Villada and ¡Tengo miedo, torero! by Pedro Lemebel” - Queer Hispanisms Now! Conference organised by Dr. Isaías Fanlo and Javier Pérez-Osorio. June 2023. 
  • “Yendo de regreso”: Writing Back in Adelaida Fernández Ochoa’s Afuera crece un mundo - PILAS Conference. March 2023. 

Teaching at Cambridge

  • Course Supervisor 
    • SP13: Contemporary Latin American Culture (2023-2024)
  • Undergraduate Year Abroad Project Dissertation Supervisor (2023-2024) 


Dr. Rory O’Bryen