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Centre of Latin American Studies


Clare Bridge

Postdoctoral Research at the Centre of Latin American Studies

The Centre of Latin American Studies welcomes postdoctoral researchers working in any areas(s) within the arts, humanities and social sciences. Although the Centre does not provide postdoctoral funding, it acts as a host to a number of postdoctoral researchers who are funded via external schemes. These include British Academy Postdoctoral FellowshipsLeverhulme Early Career Fellowships and Newton International Fellowships, but there are also schemes run by other research councils in the UK, Europe and Latin America. Successful applicants will join a thriving community of researchers based in and around the Centre, and have access to world-class research facilities as well as a range of opportunities for training and career development. They will be asked to make a modest contribution to teaching on the interdisciplinary MPhil in Latin American Studies, within their chosen field(s).

How to apply

If you are interested in applying to undertake postdoctoral research at the Centre of Latin American Studies via one of these schemes, please follow these steps:

  • First check your eligibility carefully: some schemes are restricted to certain nationalities, and have strict stipulations with regard to whether you have officially been awarded the PhD or not, and how long before the point of application. You should be aware that competition for these schemes is usually very strong: to be considered, candidates should have an outstanding academic record and a clear, innovative research proposal.
  • For the British Academy and Leverhulme schemes, the first stage is an internal competition within Cambridge. If you are selected, you may then submit your application to those bodies; we will then supply the required statement of support. You should check this website at the relevant point in the year for precise deadlines.

For all other schemes, you should submit an application to the Centre of Latin American Studies for pre-approval before you apply to your chosen scheme.

In all cases, the documents required by us are as follows:

  • your CV
  • a copy of the research proposal you intend to submit to the relevant funding body, in a version that precisely matches their requirements (word length, coverage, etc)
  • two academic references, one of which should be supplied by your PhD supervisor, and the other of which should be written by the person who will act as referee (or second referee) for your application to the funding body in question

Please send your application materials to For successful applicants who pass the first internal selection round, we will offer feedback on the research proposal and the proposed costings before the final submission is made to the funding body.