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Visiting Fellow 2023-24

Everaldo Lamprea Montealegre (October - November 2023)

Everaldo Lamprea is a Colombian scholar who has researched and written extensively on the right to health and access to healthcare in Latin America and the global south. He holds a doctoral degree from Stanford University. Previously, he was a research fellow in residence at Harvard's human rights program. Currently, he is a professor at Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Bogotá. His most recent book, Local Maladies, Global Remedies: Reclaiming the Right to Health in Latin America (Edward Elgar Pub, 2022) summarizes his research agenda during the past decade. In Local Maladies, Global Remedies, he is specially interested in studying what has been called "pharmaceuticalization"--i.e. the negative impact of the Big Pharma Industry on access to health care, public health and the right to health in Latin America.

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