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MPhil Optional Modules 2023/24

* The website is currently in the process of being updated for 2023/24

MPhil students choose four optional modules over the course: two modules during Michaelmas and a further two modules during Lent. You may choose modules that follow on from your previous studies, or you may take up a discipline that is entirely new to you, if you are prepared to undertake the necessary background reading. 

It is recommended that  at least one of your modules is closely related to the field in which you intend to write your dissertation. Full details of each module will be given during the Induction Programme in October, and there will be opportunity to discuss your choices with module leaders as well as the MPhil Director before making a final decision.

Modules options change a little each year and it is occasionally necessary to change the content of modules. The following modules are scheduled for 2023-24:

Michaelmas 2023:

Lent 2024:

* A cap on numbers operates for this module as it is shared with another MPhil course. It may be necessary to choose an alternative if it is oversubscribed.

** As this is a module borrowed from History, there is a limit on the number of CLAS students who may take it. If you have a particular interest in this module, you should let the MPhil Director know your reasons for wishing to take it, and priority may be given to those for whom it would be central to their dissertation topic.

Some modules require a degree-level reading knowledge of Spanish or Portuguese. Please read individual module webpages for more details.