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Centre of Latin American Studies


About the Centre of Latin American Studies

The Centre was founded in 1966 to promote research and teaching on Latin America in the University. It is one of the five original “Parry Centres” that were established in Oxford, London, Cambridge, Glasgow and Liverpool following the report of the Parliamentary Committee on Latin American Studies, chaired by Dr J. H. Parry (1962-64). It is governed by a Management Committee, consisting of University academics appointed by the Departments and Faculties of the University. It is linked to other Centres and Institutes of Latin American Studies in the United Kingdom through an informal Standing Conference of Directors of Centres, hosted regularly by the London Institute for the Study of the Americas.

In addition to offering a taught MPhil course in Latin American Studies and doctoral studies, the Centre hosts postdocs, sponsors research projects, organizes conferences and invites scholars from Latin America and universities around the world to speak at a series of events, including weekly open seminars. It also maintains a library containing over 12,000 volumes and a number of important Latin American journals, together with an important archive of Latin American films.

The Centre's staff and students are involved in research across a wide range of disciplines, including history, sociology, politics, anthropology, economics, development and cultural studies (including literature and the visual arts). Students following the MPhil course pursue at least two of these approaches within the structure of the course.

The Centre places great value on the maintenance and expansion of its institutional and personal links with the academic community in Latin America. The Simón Bolívar Chair, a visiting professorial fellowship, has been held by a number of distinguished Latin American scholars. Other Visiting Fellows and Scholars are associated with the Centre on a short-term basis and often give seminars and classes.