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Teaching Schedule: The Politics of Nature in Latin American Culture (MT)

Michaelmas 2021 Seminars


11:00 – 13:00



15 October

Room 204, CLAS, ARB

Nature and Empire: Natural Histories and Colonial Rule (Stephanie Rohner)

22 October

Room 204, CLAS, ARB

Romanticism: Reinventing América as Nature (Carlos Fonseca)

29 October

Room 204, CLAS, ARB

Catastrophic Aftershocks: Nature, Disaster and Modernity (Carlos Fonseca)

5 November

Room 204, CLAS, ARB

Nature and Indigenous Culture in Poetry and Film (Joanna Page)

12 November 

Room 204, CLAS, ARB

Bioart and Ecoart: Interspecies Co-Creativity and Matters of Care (Joanna Page) 

19 November

Room 204, CLAS, ARB

Postcolonial and Posthuman Bestiaries and Herbaria (Joanna Page)