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Teaching Schedule: The Politics of Nature in Latin American Culture (MT)

Michaelmas 2022 Seminars


11:00 – 12:00/12:30



14 October

Room 204, CLAS, ARB

Nature and Empire: Natural Histories and Colonial Rule (Stephanie Rohner)

21 October

Room 204, CLAS, ARB

Romanticism: Reinventing América as Nature (Carlos Fonseca)

28 October

Room 204, CLAS, ARB

Postcolonial Ecologies: Nature, Catastrophe and Modernity (Carlos Fonseca)

4 November

Room 204, CLAS, ARB

Nature and Indigenous Culture in Poetry and Film (Joanna Page)

11 November 

Room 204, CLAS, ARB

Landscapes in the Anthropocene (Liesbeth Francois) 

18 November

Room 204, CLAS, ARB

Bioart and Ecoart: Interspecies Co-Creativity and Matters of Care (Joanna Page)