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Centre of Latin American Studies


Race, racism, and anti-racism in Latin America

This module examines the history of racism, and how it has shaped and structured Latin American societies from colonial times to the present day. We will study how ideologies of racial difference emerged to shape bodies, environments, and economic systems, and explore how the social reality of race is being managed and challenged today through science, modes of governance, and civic action. The module’s approach is multidisciplinary, drawing on case studies from the fields of sociology, anthropology, history, and urban studies, and it seeks to expose the mechanisms of race, racism and anti-racism on multiple scales, from intimate family relations to transnational racial politics. Students will be introduced to key theoretical approaches and analytical frameworks that they can apply in their own research, including critical race theory, intersectional and Black feminist perspectives, and biopolitical concepts of race and racism. We will also consider how our racial positionalities and subjectivities can be addressed and incorporated into our own research approaches, and reflect on what it means to be antiracist scholars and practitioners today.

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