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Teaching Schedule: Capitalism and Society

Michaelmas 2021

Thursdays 10:00 - 12:00

Location Seminar

14 October

Room 204, CLAS 1. Latin America and the world market: theorising the continent’s shifting international integration (Pedro Mendes Loureiro) 
21 October Room 204, CLAS

2. Energy politics in Latin America (Daniela Sanchez-Lopez)

28 October

Room 204, CLAS 3. Which development? For whom? Challenges from Latin America (Pedro Mendes Loureiro)

4 Novermber

Room 204, CLAS

4. Latin America, global value chains, and the zero-carbon agenda (Daniela Sanchez-Lopez)

11 November Room 204, CLAS

5. Financialisation and wealth elites in Latin America (Jessie Sklair) 

18 November Room 204, CLAS

6. Capitalism, social reproduction and inequality (Pedro Mendes Loureiro)