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Recollections of CLAS: Dr Bruno Paes Manso, CLAS Visiting Fellow, 2016
Researcher, Núcleo de Estudos da Violência, Universidade de São Paulo
When I arrived at the Centre of Latin American Studies, University of Cambridge, I was submerged in my research about crime and violence in Brazil. I was able to expand my studies about Brazil using the many libraries and taking part in discussions about violence in Mexico, Europe and the United States with students and professors. Aside from this, I learned about Latin American Federalism, Inca poetry and literature, world music and film, religion, terrorism and so on. My stay as a Visiting Fellow in the University was extremely important to put my thoughts in perspective.

As a Brazilian and a tropical person, I was really concerned about spending the wintertime in Cambridge. Despite the wind and cold weather, I felt myself at home with the support of Joanna Page, Julie Coimbra and Graham Denyer Willis. Finally, I almost won the Cambridge Half Marathon in March. I finished in position 11.289 (at least I finished!).