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Centre of Latin American Studies



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Seeley Historical Library interior

Volumes and Journals held at the Centre of Latin American Studies Library

  • Anuario de Estudios Americanos
  • Bulletin of Latin American Research
  • Cuban Studies
  • Debate Agrario (discontinued)
  • Ecuador: Analises de Coyuntura (1990-96, discontinued)
  • European Review of Latin American and Caribbean Studies
  • Handbook of Latin American Studies (1935 – 1996) (located in reference section of CLAS library collection)
  • Hispanic American Historical Review (discontinued but held in Seeley collection, ie. History Faculty library)
  • Historia Mexicana (discontinued 2010, see UL)
  • IDS Bulletin (discontinued 2012, see UL)
  • Inter-American Review of Bibliography (1964 – 95)
  • ISLA
  • Journal of Latin American Studies
  • Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies (formerly TRAVESIA)
  • Latin American and Caribbean Ethnic Studies
  • Latin American Reports – Weekly and Regional
  • Latin American Monitor (discontinued 2004, available in UL)
  • Latin American Perspectives
  • Latin American Research Review
  • NACLA – Report on the Americas (print version ceased Winter 2014/15, available online)
  • Problemes d’Amerique Latine
  • Punto de Vista (Revista de cultura, Colección completa Números 1 a 90/1978 - 2008, Buenos Aires)
    CD-Rom con todos los números,índices, bases de datos e historia de la revista.
    Compatible PC V Mac. Request from CLAS Librarian
  • Quehacer (ceased publication 2015)
  • Relaciones
  • Revista Andina
  • Revista Brasileira de Estudos Politicos
  • Revista Mexicana de Sociologia
  • El Trimestre Economico