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Jessica Sequeira

Jessica Sequeira

King's College

I am interested in fiction and poetry from Latin America, particularly Chile and Argentina. My current research is on the literary relations between Latin America and South Asia, with a focus on India.

The literatures and philosophies of India have been taken up by Latin American writers and artists throughout the 20th century, with various spiritual, ethical, psychological and political motivations behind their readings. I am particularly interested in expanded representations of the self, challenges to traditional scientific modes of thought, ideas of art, and translations between Spanish and Hindi or other regional languages. I am looking at poems, essays, paintings, travelogues and diaries.

Previously I completed a BA at Harvard University and an MPhil in Political Thought and Intellectual History at the University of Cambridge. For the last decade I have been based in Santiago and Buenos Aires as an active writer, literary translator and teacher.

I see my creative and academic work as complementary; books I have published include the novel A Furious Oyster, the collection of stories Rhombus and Oval and the collection of essays Other Paradises: Poetic Approaches to Thinking in a Technological Age. In addition, I have translated over twenty books of fiction, non-fiction and poetry, mostly by Latin American authors.

My supervisors are Joanna Page and Shruti Kapila.

I am funded by the Cambridge Trust & King’s College Scholarship.