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Centre of Latin American Studies


Current PhD Students at the Centre of Latin American Studies

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Maria Victoria Cogorno

Research topic: Literature and history of Nation-building in Argentina, from the perspective of biopolitics
Supervisor: Dr Carlos Fonseca

Karen Domínguez Mendoza

Research Topic: : The economic trajectories of Black aesthetics: The role of Afro-hair care entrepreneurship in the anti-racist movement in Colombia
Supervisor: Dr Mónica Moreno Figueroa

Ange La Furcia

Research Topic: Sea antics: A Caribbean Case Study of care, body and emotional labour in Beauty Salons
Supervisor: Dr Mónica Moreno Figueroa

Lila Gaudêncio

Research Topic: Community banks and social currencies in Brazil
Supervisor: Dr Graham Denyer Willis

Nathan Huanacune

Research topic: The Andean world of welfare colonialism: social policy and ethnic boundaries in Peru
Supervisor: Dr Pedro Mendes Loureiro  

Daniela Meneses Sala

Research Topic: Contemporary Peruvian Feminism: A Queer Photographic Archive of Feelings
Supervisor: Dr Geoffrey Maguire

Andrea Morales-Loucil

Research Topic: Calamitous Genes: Conceptualizing Race, Nation, and Dissent the Spanish Caribbean, 1815-1898
Supervisor: Dr Rory O'Bryen

Ana Lucía Pelaez Echeverría

Research Topic: How social media has impacted the articulation of indigenous resistance movements against hydropower companies in Guatemala
Supervisor: Dr Pedro Mendes Loureiro

Beatriz Santos Bareto 

Inner dilemmas of LGBTQ+ movements in Brazil: a queer intersectional approach
Supervisor: Dr Pedro Mendes Loureiro

Rafael Shimabukuro

​Research Topic: Radical political economy, political theory, historical materialism and Latin American politics
Supervisor: Dr Pedro Mendes Loureiro

Axelle Tisseau

​Research Topic: French Colonial exiles from St Domingue -both free and enslaved- in the early 19th century
Supervisor: Dr. Hank Gonzalez

Ana María Villaveces Galofre

Research Topic: Contemporary horror novels written by Latin American women authors 
Supervisor: Dr Rory O'Bryen