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Lila Gaudêncio

Trinity Hall


Supervisor: Dr Graham Denyer Willis 


Research Topic: Community banks and social currencies in Brazil
My research looks at community banks and complementary currencies in Brazil. In over 20 years, Brazil has issued over 150 different social currencies, and is a unique case study in the subject, as social money has been a public policy for the development of low-income territories since 2003. In this context, I’m looking specifically at the methodologies used in creating these monies, and I’d like to understand how they align with the production of citizenship in their communities; more broadly, in the understandings that the community has around value, democracy, politics and economics. I'm also interested in mapping how democratic participation is articulated differently in these places, what does it mean for the ability to challenge hegemonic understandings of how to organize political and economic life (through more just and egalitarian perspectives) and how does it change (everyday) life itself.

Research interests

Solidarity economy; Social movements; Politics and aesthetics; Decoloniality; Citizenship

Published work 

Gaudêncio, Lila (2017) "Poder ilustrado". Piseagrama. No 10, p. 76 - 83.


I have a master's degree in Art (2018-2019) from the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), and bachelor’s degrees in Journalism (2008-2011) and Visual Arts (2012-2016). My PhD is funded by the Gates Cambridge Trust.