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Maria Victoria Cogorno

Newnham College 

Research topic: Literature and history of Nation-building in Argentina, from the perspective of biopolitics

Supervisor: Dr Carlos Fonseca



I was born and raised in Argentina where I completed my undergraduate programme in Humanities at Universidad de San Andrés (Buenos Aires) in 2019. I graduated Summa Cum Laude and my main interests included political philosophy, literature, and Latin American history. 

After graduating, I moved to the UK to complete a Master’s programme in Latin American Studies thanks to the Latin American Centre's Argentine Studies Scholarship. At Oxford, I studied the Argentinian process of Nation-building from the perspective of biopolitics, combining my passions for philosophy and history. I also studied different understandings of race in the Argentinian literature published around the same period. I graduated from Oxford with a Distinction and I have received the opportunity to continue developing these research interests in a PhD at the University of Cambridge. 


My current research is focused on how power is exercised on biology and the human body in late XIXc and early XXc Argentina. I study the history of eugenic policy and the development of the modern state and its mechanisms of population control in Argentina, together with the influence of positivism and cientificismo. I combine this ‘Foucaultian’ strand of analysis with the study of animality and ‘hybridisation’ in literature, and its political implications, building a bridge between history, literature, and politics. 

My PhD is funded by The Cambridge Trust & Newnham College.