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Recollections of CLAS: Dr Geoffrey Maguire, CLAS PhD student 2011-2015 
Junior Research Fellow, Murray Edwards College
The Centre of Latin American Studies has provided an immensely rich and rewarding environment for my research over the past five years. When I arrived in 2011, as part of a now-fabled crop of PhD students, I was immediately welcomed into the fold by the ‘grown-ups’, Chandra, Catriona and Joey. Since then, the dynamic, friendly character of the Centre and its students has been a constant source of encouragement and support. From daily discussions in the Alcove over the latest homegrown theory (‘chinomodernity’ springs to mind…) to the weekly research seminars, the Centre has provided a motivating and stimulating place to work, and given me many happy memories along the way.

Since leaving the Centre and moving a little further up Grange Road, I have come to appreciate the foundational role that the Centre plays in the careers of its students. Above and beyond any exclusively academic remit, the Centre and its staff are incredibly generous with their time and expertise: seminars on academic publishing, advice on supervising, help with CVs and guidance on navigating the academic job market have ensured that students are able to secure posts beyond the PhD. It has been wonderful to see the Centre’s network (otherwise known as the Kantaris Web!) extend even further, and I’m thrilled to now have colleagues and friends to visit in London, Oxford, Newcastle, Leeds and Reading.

Whether dethroning the Director on Bake-Off Mondays or enjoying a post-viva pint at the Granta, penning email limericks with Sam or reminiscing over misplaced bottles of Amaretto, CLAS has been the ideal place to research, laugh and learn. I am grateful to all the students, speakers, visiting scholars and members of staff who have made the Centre into such an encouraging, productive and inspiring environment.

September 2016