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Axelle Tisseau

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I graduated with distinction from the international program « LAGLOBE, Latin America and Europe in a global world » sponsored by the European Union (Erasmus mundus program). I therefore studied at the Universidad de Salamanca, Stockholms Universitet and Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, and received highest honours for my master’s dissertation in cultural history. I also completed bachelor degrees in history and modern literature in the Classe préparatoire aux Grandes Écoles, Rennes II Université.

Research project 

My research interests include cultural circulations in the Caribbean, post-emancipation societies and transnational history. At Cambridge, I am working on the French Colonial exiles from St Domingue -both free and enslaved- in the early 19th century. I am particularly interested in grasping the ways in which their complex histories contributed to the evolution of Afro-Caribbean identity. While elite white exiles strived to create reconstituted colonial spaces that represented a total disavowal of revolutionary Haiti, the impact of their circulations inevitably helped to spread the knowledge of the Haitian revolution among enslaved people throughout the region. I am following their trail to Cuba and Louisiana, and through archival research, I seek to recover the voices of the enslaved, whose multiple experiences of forced displacement shaped the wider Caribbean region.

  • Research interests 
  • Caribbean history
  • Post-Emancipation Societies
  • Cultural representation
  • Coloniality and decoloniality
  • Slavery

Supervisor : Dr. Hank Gonzalez

College : Lucy Cavendish College