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Centre of Latin American Studies


Funding for Current Students

School of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) Fieldwork Fund 

The Fieldwork Fund is available to PhD students who are registered at CLAS (and other Centres and Departments in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences) and is designed to support essential costs, over and above those normally incurred while in residence, associated with a major piece of essential primary research carried out away from Cambridge. 

Students are expected to have the following items in place before submitting an application:

  • confirmation of Leave to Work Away
  • a Risk Assessment approved by CLAS
  • confirmation of travel insurance
  • a statement of support from their Supervisor, explaining the need for this fieldwork and confirming that the costs are realistic

Further guidance, eligibility, deadline and application form

All applications and queries should be sent to Mr Dan Jones (POLIS Graduate Office).

Simón ​Bolívar Fund

CLAS staff, PhD and MPhil students and PhD students researching Latin America from other departments may apply for modest sums from this fund to help with a variety of research-related activities. Applications for funding to support fieldwork abroad, attendance at conferences, and the organization of conferences, workshops, screenings and other academic/cultural events will be considered.

Applicants should first have applied to all other potential sources of funding, including Research Councils (AHRC etc) if their research is funded by one of these, their own departments (if not from CLAS), College funds(if applicable).

Students applying to the fund should read the eligibility criteria carefully before submitting an application.

The deadline for applications is Friday, 1 March 2024. Applicants should apply using the form available at the bottom of the page clearly explaining the nature, purpose and academic value of their application. All applications are to be sent to the CLAS Administrator. Students should ask their supervisor to email a supporting note separately by the same deadline. Retrospective applications are accepted.

Smuts Memorial Fund

University staff and students researching Latin America with a focus on the English-speaking Caribbean might consider applying to this fund. See the Smuts Memorial Fund website for further details.

Cambridge Funding Search

Use this database to search for awards offered by the University of Cambridge (departments, faculties, colleges, central offices and other internal sponsors). It may help you to identify highly specific awards for which only a small number of students (or perhaps only you!) are eligible.