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Ana Lucía Pelaez Echeverría

Queens’ College


I have a BA in Political Science and a BA in International Relations with a specialization in Foreign Trade from Universidad Francisco Marroquín in Guatemala. In 2019, I obtained my MA with Distinction in Advanced Practice in Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution from the University of Bradford, supported by the Rotary Foundation. My PhD is funded by the Gates Foundation for which I’m very grateful.


In my doctoral research, I examine how social media has impacted the articulation of indigenous resistance movements against hydropower companies in Guatemala. To do this, I explore the protracted social conflict present in the country and its relation to coloniality and the matrix of domination. This sets the scene for an examination of how social media is used, perceived and what impact does it have on helping resistance movements achieve their aims.

Research interests

  • Coloniality
  • Protracted social conflict
  • Social media
  • Marginalisation
  • Resistance movements
  • Matrix of domination


Dr. Pedro Mendes Loureiro