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Centre of Latin American Studies


Past PhD Students at the Centre of Latin American Studies

Alphabetically listed (year of conferment)

Andrea Aramburu-Villavisencio (2022)

Research Topic: Curatorial Constellations: Relationality, Matter and Aesthetics in Contemporary Latin American Women’s and Queer Comics
Supervisor: Dr Joanna Page

Emily Baker (2016)

Research Topic: Nazism and the Second World War in Contemporary Latin American Literature
Supervisor: Dr Rory O’Bryen

Oliver Balch (2019)

Research Topic: Pulp fictions: An ethnographic critique of the use of Corporate Responsibility in Foreign Direct Investment
Supervisor: Dr Sian Lazar

Jordana Blejmar (2012)

The Truth of Fiction: Second-Generation Memory in Post-Dictatorship Argentine Culture
Supervisor: Dr Joanna Page

Lucy Bollington (2018)

Research Topic: Reframing Excess: Death and Power in Contemporary Mexican Literary and Visual Culture​
Supervisor: Dr Geoffrey Kantaris

Joseph Brandim Howson (2022)

Research Topic: Veillance Dynamics in Pseudo* States
Supervisor: Dr Geoffrey Kantaris

Ramona Braun (2014)

Laparoscopy as a neo-eugenic practice in gynaecology, 1940s-60s
Supervisors: Professor Sir Richard Evans; Dr Charles Jones

Daniel Carter (2013)

Politics and Culture in Chile before the Coup: A Study of Urban Society in Temuco 1964-1973
Supervisor: Dr Charles Jones

Katy Critchfield (2017)

Research Topic: The Intersections of Politics and Aesthetics in Post-Dictatorship Southern Cone Culture
Supervisor: Dr Rory O’Bryen

Celia Dunne (2013)

Identity, Site, and Participation in the Work of Lourdes Grobet, Francisco Mata, and Gabriel Orozco
Supervisor: Ms Erica Segre

Cherilyn Elston (2015)

Modernity's Rebel Daughters: Feminism, Writing and Conflict in Contemporary Colombia
Supervisor: Dr. Geoffrey Kantaris

Dunja Fehimovic (2016)

Contemporary Cuban film in Relation to National Identity
Supervisor: Dr Rory O'Bryen

Jessica Fernandez de Lara Harada (2022)

Research Topic: Encounters between East Asia and Latin America through an examination of Japanese migration to Mexico from the late 19th century to the mid 20th century
Supervisor: Dr Mónica Moreno Figueroa

Niall Geraghty (2015)

Kafka and his Progeny: Toward an Immanent Critique of Capitalism and Political Violence in the work of César Aira, Marcelo Cohen and
Ricardo Piglia

Supervisor: Dr. Joanna Page

Ann Hapka Morkassel (2011)

Venezuelan Overseas Oil Strategy, 1998-2009
Supervisor: Dr Charles Jones

Rebecca Jarman (2015)

Spatial Transformations in Contemporary Representations of the Venezuelan City (1989 onwards)
Supervisor: Dr. Geoffrey Kantaris

Edward King (2012)

Mapping the Control Society: Science Fiction Tropes and Digital Technologies in Contemporary Argentine and Brazilian Narrative
Supervisor: Dr Joanna Page

Natalie Krol (2012)

Islands within the Island: The Implications of Islandness, the Literary City and the Dialectics of Identity and Exile in post-Soviet Cuban Narrative
Supervisor: Dr Rory O'Bryen

Alejandro Lerch (2020)

Research Topic: Drug Trafficking and the state of Mexico
Supervisor: Dr Graham Denyer-Willis

Grace Livingstone (2015)

Research Topic: British Policy towards the Southern Cone Dictatorships 1973-82
Supervisor: Dr. Charles Jones

Geoffrey Maguire (2015)

Political Postmemory: Childhood, Memory and Politics in Argentina's Post-Dictatorship Generation (2003-2013)
Supervisor: Dr. Joanna Page

Katherine Anne Mato (2021)

Research Topic: Gender and Space in Contemporary Cuban Art 
Supervisor: Dr. Erica Segre

Catriona McAllister (2014)

Rewritings of Independence in Contemporary Argentine Fiction
Supervisor: Dr. Joanna Page

Paul Merchant (2017)

Research Topic: Figures of house and home in contemporary Argentine and Chilean cinema
Supervisor: Dr Joanna Page

Chandra Morrison (2014)

Saturated Cities: Graffiti Art in São Paulo and Santiago de Chile
Supervisor: Dr Geoffrey Kantaris

Mara Polgovsky Ezcurra (2015)

Touched Bodies: Corporeal Ethics in Latin American Art at the Onset of the Media Age
Supervisor: Dr. Geoffrey Kantaris

Rachel Randall (2015)

Research Topic: Representations of childhood/adolescence in contemporary Brazilian and Colombian film and literature
Supervisor: Dr. Geoffrey Kantaris

R. Sá​nchez-Rivera (2020)

Research Topic: What Happened to Mexican Eugenics? :Racism and the Reproduction of the Nation​
Supervisor: Dr. Mónica Moreno Figueroa ​

Juan Pablo Scarfi (2014)

The Intellectual History of Pan-Americanism and International Law in the Americas, 1900-1942
Supervisor: Dr Charles Jones

Jessica Sequeira (2023)

Research Topic: Literary relations between Latin America and South Asia, with a focus on India
Supervisor: Dr Joanna Page

Parvathi Subbiah (2021)

Research Topic: Populist Narratives on Twitter in Hugo Chávez’s Venezuela
Supervisor: Dr. Mónica Moreno Figueroa ​ 

Minyan Sun  (2018)

Research Topic: Zen Buddhism in the short stories of Julio Cortázar
Supervisor: Dr Joanna Page

Erika Teichert (2022)

​Research Topic: Political propaganda and artistic practice in contemporary Argentine culture and politics
Supervisor: Dr Joanna Page

Andrew Tillman (2013)

The Uses of the Past in Contemporary Venezuela
Supervisor: Dr Charles Jones

Elsa M. Treviño (2015)

Belonging Elsewhere: Fictional Space and New Approaches to Identity in Mexican Narrative at the Turn of the Millennium
Supervisor: Ms. Erica Segre

Sandra del Valle Casals (2022)

Research Topic: The construction of Otherness and national identity in contemporary Chilean cinema
Supervisor: Dr Joanna Page

Callie Vandewiele (2019)

“Pic’bil”: digital repatriation and textile production as cultural revival in the Alta Verapaz of Guatemala
Supervisors: Dr Francoise Barbira FreedmanDr Susanna Rostas

Joseph Whitfield (2015)

Punitive Cultures of Latin America: Power, Resistance and the State in Representations of the Prison
Supervisor: Dr Rory O'Bryen