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Parvathi Subbiah

Research Topic: Populist Narratives on Twitter in Hugo Chávez’s Venezuela ​ 


Parvathi Subbiah is a third-year doctoral candidate at the Centre of Latin American Studies, University of Cambridge from Caracas, Venezuela. Her research is focused on Venezuelan politics and the political movement started by Hugo Chávez. She looks at the affective ties that solidify affiliation with the Bolivarian Movement, and tries to understand how these ties are interrelated with racial and class paradigms. Parvathi holds a Bachelor of Music degree in vocal performance from Oberlin Conservatory in the United States, but left classical music to pursue her academic research interest in the political and social conflict that exists in her home country. Her broader research interests include populism, social media, race, political identity as well as computational social research methods for the analysis of textual data. Parvathi is a recipient of the Gates Cambridge scholarship.