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2017 - 18 Events

Centre of Latin American Studies

Caballo un pliego
Photographer: Maria Adelaida Lopez Restrepo
Title: "Caballo imaginado entra a Bogota", 2008

Art, Society & Urban Imaginaries

Organized by Fernando Calderón Gutiérrez, Simón Bolívar Chair

Centre of Latin American Studies, University of Cambridge
(Universidad Nacional de San Martín; Universidad de Córdoba & FLACSO, Argentina)

"Grafiteros” working in Bogotá, Sȃo Paulo and Guadalajara; Andean urban jewelry and the "Cholets" in La Paz; new transhumants in cities and their enigmatic aphorisms in Buenos Aires and Santiago, and the peculiar and innovative art of Saraceno, which interacts with science and ecology... All of these are aesthetic acts that comprise a new Latin American urban imaginary. To try to understand how they contribute to an anti-colonial, barroca Latin American modernity is the main aim of this bilingual symposium.


Abstracts & biographies

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