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50th Anniversary: Centre of Latin American Studies 1966 - 2016

Centre of Latin American Studies



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50th Anniversary Symposium Presentations 

  1. Joanna Page, Director, Centre of Latin American Studies, Cambridge: Introduction
  2. Julio Ortega, Brown University: The Latin American Transatlantic Paradigm: Balance and Perspectives Ben Smith, University of Warwick: The Mexican Press and the Public Sphere
  3. Graham Denyer Willis, University of Cambridge: Latin America and the Technologies of Indiscipline: Citizen Struggles with Insecurity
  4. Perspectives on Latin American Studies: New (and Old) Challenges and Opportunities (chair: Joanna Page) Françoise Barbira-Freedman, Felipe Hernández, Charles Jones, Geoffrey Kantaris, Gabriela Ramos
  5. Mara Viveros Vigolla, Universidad Nacional de Colombia: De la ‘extraversión’ a las ‘epistemologías nuestroamericanas’. Un descentramiento en clave feminista
  6. Erica Segre, University of Cambridge: Dark Matter/Materia oscura Hypothesis/: Indiscipline and the Poetics of Indeterminacy
  7. Adam Sharman, University of Nottingham: The Mother of all (In)discipline: Literature and Modernity
  8. Adrián Gorelik (CONICET/Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, Argentina): De cerca y de lejos: Paradojas del latinoamericanismo