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Centre of Latin American Studies


Visiting Scholars and Fellows

In addition to the Simón Bolívar Professor, the Centre welcomes a number of visiting academics each year. Such visitors hold a doctorate and are usually employed by a higher education institution in Latin America or elsewhere in the world.

These academic visitors fall into two categories: Visiting Scholars and Visiting Fellows.

Visiting Scholars can apply to be associated with the Centre for up to twelve months (but more usually two to six months). Academics in this category are self-funded or supported by their home institution.

Visiting Fellows can either apply to be associated with the Centre or be nominated by a member of our academic staff. A Visiting Fellow is awarded a modest subsistence allowance along with funds to cover a return flight. They usually stay at the Centre for two months during term time. Visitors in this category tend to be well-established (mid-career onwards) academics.

Whilst the Centre can host multiple Visiting Scholars in any year, we are generally only able to support one Visiting Fellow each year.

All academic visitors are given access to research facilities, including libraries, and (if available) a desk in the Centre. We do all we can to welcome Scholars and Fellows into the Centre's research community and invite them to attend as many academic and cultural events as they wish both at and beyond the Centre. 

Applications or nominations in either category are considered by the Centre's Management Committee and decisions are made strictly on academic merit.

Application procedure