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Core Course: Michaelmas 2019

Mondays, 2:00 pm, Room 204, ARB, Centre of Latin American Studies

Seminar 1 Modern Latin American Politics (Grace Livingstone) 14 October
Seminar 2 (New?) Forms of Violence and Security in Latin America (Graham Denyer Willis) 21 October
Seminar 3 Mestizaje: from fact to ideology, or vice versa? (Sarah Abel) 28 October
Seminar 4

Peripheries​ (Felipe Hernandez)

4 November

Seminar 5

Introduction to the Political Economy of Latin America (Pedro Mendes Loureiro) 

11 November
Seminar 6

The Caribbean in World History (Hank Gonzalez)

18 November
Seminar 7

Foundational Landscapes: Nature, Nation and State in 19th Century Literature (Carlos Fonseca) Inequalities in Latin America (Pedro Mendes Loureiro)