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Centre of Latin American Studies

Cañón del Chicamocha, Colombia

MPhil Optional Modules

In addition to the Core Course, MPhil students choose two optional modules from the list below. You may choose modules that follow on from your previous studies, or you may wish to take up a discipline that is entirely new to you - that is certainly possible if you are prepared to undertake the necessary background reading. It is strongly recommended that one of your modules is closely related to the field in which you intend to write your dissertation. Full details of each module will be given during the Induction Programme at the start of the course in October, and there will be ample opportunity to discuss your choices with module leaders as well as the MPhil Director before you come to a final decision.

It is occasionally necessary to change the content of modules or even to suspend them for a year if there is insufficient demand or key members of teaching staff are on research leave. If there is a module listed here that you definitely wish to take, you are advised to check at the application stage whether it will be available in your year of study.

Modules for 2017-18

The following modules are planned for the coming academic year. Follow the links below to find more information on each module and/or details of the current year's teaching programme. The content of most modules will change a little year to year.