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Jo Brandim Howson

Joseph Brandim-Howson

Corpus Christi College

Research Topic

Veillance Dynamics in Pseudo* States


I am an Economics & Social Research Council scholar and Honorary Vice-Chancellor’s scholar based in the Centre of Latin American Studies.

I completed my MPhil in Latin American Studies at the University of Cambridge, funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council. I hold a BA in Politics & International Studies, following which I received the Professor Wyn Grant award for academic achievement.

Before beginning postgraduate studies, I worked as a consultant for a leading digital technology strategy firm. Through this I hold professional qualifications in business analysis, technology solutions development and have project experience across various sectors and countries. I have also interned for the United Nations in Palestine and British Civil Service.

Alongside my PhD I am a regular contributor to Sounds & Colours, a researcher/writer for the Declarations podcast and LGBTQ+ officer at Corpus Christi College.


My research explores contemporary surveillance dynamics in Latin American urban environments. Given the increasingly fragmented and privatised public security sector(s), I analyse how surveillance is manifest today and what these manifestations tell us about the State, power and visuality. I also work with activist groups in cities in Brazil and Mexico to understand responses to these manifestations, particularly counter- and anti-surveillance efforts.

This project engages diverse bodies of literature, from surveillance studies through to visual arts and digital sociology. I use a mix of methods from visual analysis, statistics, interviews and participant observation.

Supervisor: Dr Geoffrey Kantaris