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Centre of Latin American Studies


Core Course: MPhil in Latin American Studies

The Core Course provides a forum for interdisciplinary debate in which all students on the MPhil participate, with the guidance of staff from across a range of disciplines. One seminar is held each week during Michaelmas Term, introducing students to critical issues in Latin American Studies. In Lent Term, four further 'Research in Practice' sessions, taught by early-career researchers, highlight the practical issues involved in carrying out research and establish a dialogue between contrasting disciplinary approaches.

The course aims to provide you with a preliminary understanding of historical and current issues affecting a region you may not have studied systematically beforehand, together with an introduction to the disciplinary variety of Latin American Studies and to a range of conceptual frameworks which have shaped scholarship on this region, both in the past and in current-day research. 

Preparatory reading will be set for each of the seminars.

Core Course Programme 2017 -18

Room 204, CLAS, ARB

Core I: Introduction to Politics, Economics and Sustainable Development  in Latin America (Michaelmas 2017)

Core II: Critical Issues in Latin American Studies (Michaelmas 2017)

Core III: Research Methods and Frameworks (Michaelmas 2017)