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Visiting Scholars

Centre of Latin American Studies


Visiting Scholars 2020-21

  • Fernando Rugitsky January 2020 - November 2020
    Fernando Rugitsky is a Visiting Scholar from the University of São Paulo (Brazil). He is an economist and is currently researching the Brazilian development style in the last two decades, focusing on sectoral dynamics, distributive conflicts, and inequality. He also aims to compare the Brazilian case with that of other South American countries.
  • Alejandro Lerch October 2020 - September 2021
    Alejandro Lerch is a Ph.D. graduate from the Centre of Latin American Studies at the University of Cambridge. His work is particularly interested in understanding how enclosure, deregulation and economic liberalization has affected the historical evolution of policing and organized crime. He is currently undertaking research on the history of federal law enforcement in Mexico. He holds a master’s degree from Sciences Po Paris and is a graduate in political science from UNAM University.