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Virtual Exhibition: Science in Text and Culture in Latin America

Welcome to the first stage of our virtual exhibition, which will be developed alongside other activities held as part of the international research network on ‘Science in Text and Culture in Latin America’. More images and texts will be added soon, together with links to major themes and a search function, and all texts will be made available in both English and Spanish. Anyone is welcome to contribute images with accompanying texts, in either language, as long as the images are copyright-free or permission has been granted for their use on this site. Please email the network coordinators, María del Pilar Blanco and Joanna Page.

Girondo Guiraldes Humboldt Maples Arce 

Roque de Duprey Zeno Gandia thumb Dengue thumbnail Estrellas thumbnail La Antena

Ministerio 1 thumbnail Policia del Karma thumbnail