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Joanna Page

Centre of Latin American Studies

Science in Text and Culture in Latin America

Science in Text and Culture in Latin America

An AHRC-funded research network


Dr Joanna Page (University of Cambridge)
Dr María del Pilar Blanco (University of Oxford)

The network aims to establish a dialogue between the growing number of academic researchers working on the relationship between science and culture in Latin America. We intend to bring together scholars working on literature, cinema, cultural studies, film studies, visual art studies and history of art, as well as sociologists and historians interested in the history and philosophy of science. Several writers, dramatists and film directors who have drawn on scientific ideas to pioneer new artistic and literary practices will also be invited to take part.

The network has three principal aims:

  • to explore the circulation of scientific ideas in Latin American literature, visual arts, cinema and periodicals from the late nineteenth century to the present
  • to investigate how Latin American writers and artists have engaged with scientific ideas in order to reflect on their own creative praxis and to innovate within it
  • to ask how the methodological frameworks developed in literature and science studies might translate to the Latin American context, and whether there is anything specific about Latin American cross-fertilizations between science and culture.

Our activities will be centred around four international conferences, to be held in Oxford, Cambridge, Buenos Aires and San Juan (Puerto Rico). We also plan to hold additional events, such as film screenings, and to develop a virtual exhibition of science in popular magazines in Mexico, Argentina and Brazil, as well as a website forum for research in the field.

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Research Network Activities


  1. Science and Culture in Latin America: Transmission, Circulation, Exchange
    University of Oxford, UK, 18 April 2015
    Call for Papers / Convocatoria / Programme / Symposium Report
  2. Science Fiction from Latin America: The (Re)invention of a Genre
    Centro de Estudios Avanzados de Puerto Rico y el Caribe, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 10-11 September 2015
    Call for Papers / Convocatoria / Programa / Symposium Report
  3. Science and Modernity in Latin American Culture
    Buenos Aires, Argentina, 8-9 April 2016
    Call For Papers / Programme / Symposium Report
  4. Science and Culture in Theory and History: Latin America, France, and the Anglophone World
    University of Cambridge, UK, 2-3 July 2016
    Call for Papers / Programme / Symposium Report

Other activities

Virtual Exhibition: Science in Text and Culture in Latin America

Research Network Steering Committee

Prof Jens Andermann (Universität Zürich)
Dr Sandra Gasparini (Universidad de Buenos Aires)
Prof Emily Maguire (Northwestern University)
Prof Gabriela Nouzeilles (University of Princeton)