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Centre of Latin American Studies


Chile Projects


The Centre of Latin American Studies invites undergraduate and postgraduate students, postdoctoral researchers and academic staff to apply for financial support for projects to be undertaken in Chile between March and the end of September 2016.

The projects may be in any field within the arts, humanities and social sciences. They may relate to the applicant’s course of study or research, or not, but in all cases the project should have a clear academic component. Preference may be given to undergraduates, and to projects that involve contact or collaboration with Chilean students, researchers, professionals or institutions. The funding committee will assess proposals on the basis of their coherence, their interest, their potential benefit to applicants and others involved in collaboration, and their feasibility. Retrospective applications will not be considered.

Individuals or groups should submit an application by 2 March 2016, consisting of the following:

  • a project proposal of around 500 words
  • a covering letter stating the proposed dates of travel, the course on which applicants are currently enrolled (with Part IA, IB etc for undergraduates)
  • a detailed budget
  • a note of support from each applicant’s Director of Studies or supervisor, to be sent separately

All application materials, including the notes of support, should be sent to the Director of the Centre of Latin American Studies c/o the CLAS Administrator ( by the closing date. MML undergraduates are not eligible to apply for funds to support a Year Abroad in Chile, but they may apply with a separate project to be carried out in Chile if they are spending the ‘official’ part of their Year Abroad in another country.

These funds originally date from a previous scheme managed by CLAS and generously financed by the Antofagasta Company. The scheme has been discontinued, but a residue of the funds made available allows for the award of these further grants, which are likely to be limited to one application round (2016).