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2013 - 14 Events

Centre of Latin American Studies

Left-to-right: Elena de Hoyos, Marina Ruiz, Aida Hernandez (photo by Samuel Mather)

Book launch: Colección Revelación Intramuros

Monday 2 December 2013

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Students and staff from across the university gathered on 2 December for the launch of a new book, released by the Colectiva Editorial Hermanas en la Sombra. The book, entitled Colección Revelación Intramuros: narrativa, poesía y ensayo de mujeres en prisión (‘Intramural Disclosures’), is a fascinating compilation of biographical, poetic, visual and methodological reflections by women on living and working in a Mexican prison. Presentations were made by Aída Hernández (Simón Bolívar Chair at CLAS), Elena de Hoyos and Marina Ruíz on their pioneering work in running writing workshops and publishing collectives in the prison. The project is an extremely valuable intervention, combining academic research, creative writing and the important work of advocacy on behalf of women who have suffered abuses of many kinds, often culminating in a miscarriage of justice. Those present were also able to see an excerpt from the documentary Bajo la sombra del guamuchil (Under the Shade of the Guamuchil), which featured footage taken inside the prison as well as testimonies and poems by women prisoners published in the Colectiva’s series of books.