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2015 - 16 Events

Centre of Latin American Studies

Re-Vistas and the Expanded Present

Re-Vistas and the Expanded Present: New Approaches to Latin American Periodical Culture 

Symposium-Taller and Pop-Up Exhibition
1 July 2016

Trinity College Cambridge,
Old Combination Room, S Staircase

Organized by Camilla Sutherland and Erica Segre

Through recent scholarship this event will interrogate and showcase the unique challenges and vibrant potential of Latin American periodical studies. Encompassing 19th-century, vanguard and post-1945 publications from diverse regions and contexts, the symposium will allow us to chart the role played by the magazine form and ephemera in cultural movements on a national level, while also emphasizing the mobility of the mode –its ability to disseminate discourse and create distinctly transnational artistic, intellectual, and political networks. Spatiality is naturally implicated in this notion of transmission of ideas, but it is also crucial to an understanding of the particular reading praxis demanded by layout, design, typography and illustration. The symposium seeks to pay specific attention to the distinct materiality of the revista form and the plasticity of its aesthetic, analysing how the coexistence of text and image in addition to other paratextual elements condition the reading strategies and extractions of both consumer and scholar. Issues such as seriality, intermedial slippages, contemporaneity and the effects of simultaneity, archival practices and the implications of digitization will form part of our discussion.

Speakers include:

Claire Lindsay (UCL), Valentino Gianuzzi (Manchester), María del Pilar Blanco (Oxford), Maria Chiara D’Argenio (UCL), Luis Rebaza-Soraluz (KCL), Camilla Sutherland (Oxford), Rory O’Bryen (Cambridge), Mara Polgovsky (Cambridge), Erica Segre (Cambridge).


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