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2015 - 16 Events

Centre of Latin American Studies


BP, Colombia, Oil and Ethics (see Guardian article about this case​

Wednesday, 21 October, 5-7pm

Institute of Criminology, Room B3, Sidgwick Site, Cambridge, CB3 9DA

Ten years ago, Gilberto Torres, a  trade unionist working in the Colombian oil industry, was kidnapped by right-wing paramilitaries and brutally tortured.  His lawyers have just lodged a claim for damages against BP in the British high court - a move which is regarded as a test case in corporate ethics.
Trade unionist Gilberto Torres will speak along with his British and Colombian lawyers, and experts on corporate ethics, at this special event hosted by the Centre of Latin American Studies and the Centre of Governance and Human Rights.

  • Gilberto Torres, Colombian trade unionist
  • Francisco Ramirez Cuellar (trade unionist and lawyer with the Colombian Unified Trade Union Federation)
  • Sue Willman, lawyer, partner at Deighton, Pierce and Glynn
  • Richard Howitt (T.B.C.)
  • Juan Sebastian Smart, Oil Justice
  • Peter Drury, Amnesty International

Chaired by Grace Livingstone author of 'Inside Colombia: Drugs, Democracy and War'