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Teaching Schedule: Development and Policy

Lent Term 2023

Thursdays 10:00 - 12:00 Location Seminar

19 January

Room 204, CLAS, ARB

1. Urban Informality, Peripheries and Inequalities in Latin America (Dolores Señorans)

26 January Room 204, CLAS, ARB

2. Popular Economies: Life, Labour and Collective Politics (Dolores Señorans)

2 February Room 204, CLAS, ARB

3Economic growth, industrialisation and industrial policy (Jennifer Castañeda-Navarrete) 

9 February Rescheduled: 10am-12pm, 13 February, Room 204

Room 204, CLAS, ARB

4. Poverty, inequality, and social policy (Jennifer Castañeda-Navarrete)

16 February - as scheduled Online

5. International Aid and Development in Latin America (Felipe Krause)

23 February - as scheduled Online

6. (Anti-) Drug Policy and Drug Trafficking Organisations (Felipe Krause)