Centre of Latin American Studies

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Catalogue of Latin American Films on DVD and VHS

This Catalogue shows the combined holdings of the Centre of Latin American Studies, selected holdings of the Language Centre, and the private resources of some of the Centre's staff. It contains over 500 entries to date from 14 different countries. It is intended primarily for the use of students of the M.Phil. in Latin American Studies and European Literature.

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You can search for any combination of words or phrases, including forenames and surnames, and parts of words or titles. You must type accents if a title or name contains them (if you can't, try typing only part of the word up to where the accent should be).

How to view the films

Students and staff at Cambridge and postgraduate researchers at other academic institutions may request to view material which is listed as a CLAS resource in the Centre's Audiovisual Room. Priority will be given at all times to CLAS students and staff in the booking of this facility. To make a booking, you should contact the Librarian, Julie Coimbra. If you wish to view films which are listed as belonging to a specific staff member, you will need to contact that person directly. In order to preserve the archive, original copies cannot be lent for viewing off premises. Resources of the Language Centre can be viewed only within the Language Centre.