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Academic Staff

Centre of Latin American Studies

Carlos Fonseca

Dr Carlos Fonseca

My interests include Latin American literature, philosophy and art history, from the 19th century to the present. I am interested in questions concerning the role of nature as a foundational concept, as well as the formal links between the novel and politics. I am also interested in the emergence of archival practices within contemporary Latin American art and literature. My work engages with a range of critical and philosophical theories, from deconstruction to new materialisms, as well as a broad range of philosophers of history like Walter Benjamin, Reinhart Koselleck, Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht and Alain Badiou.    

My PhD dissertation "States of Nature: Catastrophe, History and the Reconstruction of Spanish America" explored the emergence of catastrophic representations of history within the transatlantic historiography of the so-called “Age of Revolutions” that marked the collapse of the Spanish Empire, as well as the subsequent foundation of the Latin American nation-states.

I have published several articles in peer-reviewed magazines and edited books:

  • “Forensic Fictions: The Ruinous Archive in Post-Testimonial Witnessing” Forthcoming as part of the book The Limits of the Human, edited by Lucy Bollington and Paul Merchant, University Press of Florida, 2018
  • “Laboratories of Universality: A Genealogy of Solitary Latin American Inventors” Forthcoming as part of the book Latin America at the Vanguard, edited by Joanna Page and María del Pilar Blanco, University Press of Florida, 2018
  • “Viral Events: Epidemiology, Ecology and the Outbreak of Modern Sovereignty” Ecozona Vol 8, No1, 2017
  • “Scepters of the Avant-Garde: On the novels of Valeria Luiselli” Art Flash, October 2015.
  • “Shaking Grounds: Bolívar, Humboldt and the Birth of Catastrophe Politics” Revista Hispánica Moderna, Volume 67.2, December 2014
  • “The Archaeological Symbol: Heredia’s Volcanic Pyramid and Deep Mesoamerican Time” MLN, Volume 129, Hispanic Issue, March 2014

I am also the author of two novels: Coronel Lágrimas, which was published in 2015 by the Spanish publishing house Anagrama, and translated into English by Restless Book and into Greek by Kastaniotis Editions. As well as of Museo Animal, which was published in 2017 by Anagrama.