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Centre of Latin American Studies

Charles Jones

Dr Charles Jones

Research interests

Jones first visited South America in 1972, living for several months in Buenos Aires while working on the archives of the River Plate Trust Loan and Agency Co. Ltd. and related firms (later destroyed) before travelling back to Britain through Uruguay, Brazil, the Caribbean and the USA. Working at the University of Warwick from 1977-1997 he concentrated on international political economy and international relations theory, co-authoring The Logic of Anarchy (1993), a much cited critique of  neorealism, with Barry Buzan and Richard Little, and writing a study of the political interventions of a prominent English realist, E. H. Carr and International Relations: A Duty to Lie (1998). The move to Cambridge brought a renewed interest in South America, and since 1998 he has written a succession of essays exploring the varieties of international relations within the western hemisphere, visiting Argentina and Chile regularly. Other recent work includes More than Just War (2013), a critique of the just war revival and an exploration of military ethics through literature and film, and International Relations: A Beginner’s Guide (2014).