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PhD in Latin American Studies

Centre of Latin American Studies

CLAS PhDs Joey Whitfield, Cherilyn Elston and Geoffrey Maguire

Current PhD Students at the Centre of Latin American Studies

An asterisk * ​denotes a student registered in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese who is also a member of the Centre of Latin American Studies, via the Latin American Cultural Studies Consortium.

Victoria Adams*

Research Topic: Material virtuality: The role of the virtual in the production of cultural-historical spatial imaginaries in Brazil
Supervisor: Dr Maite Conde

Andrea Aramburu-Villavisencio

Research Topic: Interactions between disruptive kinships, affect and aesthetics in contemporary Latin American cinema
Supervisor: Dr Joanna Page

Diego Azurdia*

Research Topic: The history of the sublime and the sublime as history in Latin America
Supervisor: Dr Rory O'Bryen

Joseph Brandim-Howson

Research Topic: Veillance Dynamics in Pseudo* States
Supervisor: Dr Geoffrey Kantaris

Viviane Carvalho da Annunciação​ *

Research Topic: Misplaced Ideas: the Contradiction of Science in Machado de Assis
Supervisor: Dr Rodrigo Cacho

Anna Corrigan

Research Topic: The relationship between photography and politics in the Southern Cone
Supervisor: Dr Joanna Page

Carlos Ezcurra 

Research Topic: Body and Subjectivity in Contemporary Argentine Film
Supervisor: Dr Joanna Page

Jessica Fernandez de Lara Harada

Research Topic: Encounters between East Asia and Latin America through an examination of Japanese migration to Mexico from the late 19th century to the mid 20th century
Supervisor: Dr Mónica Moreno Figueroa

Lucy Foster*

Research Topic: Literary and visual culture associated with the Mexican coastline
Supervisor: Dr Erica Segre

Helen Glaisher-Hernández *

Research Topic: Postcolonialism and cultural identity in twentieth-century Latin American classical music
Supervisor: Dr Geoffrey Kantaris

Jessica Hagley*

Research Topic: ‘De tantas veras y verdades’: Rhetorical Visions of Conquest in the Epic Poetry of the New World
Supervisor: Dr Rodrigo Cacho

Rosanna Hunt*

Research Topic: State imaginaries in Peruvian and Colombian conflict narratives
Supervisor: Dr Rory O'Bryen
​email: ​

Alejandro Lerch

Research Topic: Drug Trafficking and the state of Mexico
Supervisor: Dr Graham Denyer-Willis

Katherine Anne Mato

Research Topic: Gender and Space in Contemporary Cuban Art 
Supervisor: Dr. Erica Segre

Ben Quarshie *

Research Topic: Transnational Afro-descendant cultural identity in Latin American and Caribbean music and literature
Supervisor: Dr Rory O'Bryen

Carlyn Rodgers

Research Topic: The NGOization of Pro-Black Activism in Urban Brazil: An Investigation of Agency in the Relationship Between Brazilian Pro-Black Activists and International Nongovernmental Organizations
Supervisor: Dr. Mónica Moreno Figueroa

Rachell Sá​nchez-Rivera

Research Topic: Race, Eugenics and Sterilization: An Alternative Evaluation of Mexican Reproductive History and Nation-Building Process ​
Supervisor: Dr. Mónica Moreno Figueroa ​

Beatriz Santos Bareto

Research Topic: LGBTQ rights on Brazilian streets: a queer approach
Supervisor: Dr Pedro Mendes Loureiro

Jessica Sequeira

Research Topic: Literary relations between Latin America and South Asia, with a focus on India
Supervisor: Dr Joanna Page

Parvathi Subbiah

Research Topic: Populist Narratives on Twitter in Hugo Chávez’s Venezuela
Supervisor: Dr. Mónica Moreno Figueroa ​ 

Erika Teichert

​Research Topic: Political propaganda and artistic practice in contemporary Argentine culture and politics
Supervisor: Dr Joanna Page

Sandra del Valle Casals 

Research Topic: The construction of Otherness and national identity in contemporary Chilean cinema
Supervisor: Dr Joanna Page

Elizabeth Vargas*

Research Topic: Conceptualization of narratives that construct and/or de-construct categories that define African spaces, bodies, and voices
Supervisor: Dr Geoffrey Kantaris 

Tatiana Vargas Ortiz*

Research Topic: 
Supervisor: Dr Rory O'Bryen