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Teaching Schedule: Capitalism and Society

Michaelmas 2018 

Thursdays 10:00 - 12:00 Location Seminar
11 October Room 204, ARB

Latin America and the World Market: Theorising the Continent’s Shifting International Integration (Pedro Mendes Loureiro)

Presentations: Clay Wilwol & Tim Ford

18 October

Room 204, ARB

The State and Violence (Graham Denyer Willis) 

Presentations: Mary Newman

25 October

Time change: 9:30 - 11:30

Room 204, ARB

Abandonment and it’s byproducts (Graham Denyer Willis) 

Presentations: Cameron Wallis & Andrew Eslich

1 November Room 204, ARB

Class dynamics and class conflict (Helena Pérez Niño) 

Presentations: Aaron Bermange & Oliver Scott

8 November Room 204, ARB

Which Development? For Whom? Challenges from Latin America (Pedro Mendes Loureiro) 

Presentations: Dana Nelson & Ludovic Arnaud

15 November Room 204, ARB

Capitalism, Social Reproduction and Inequality (Pedro Mendes Loureiro) 

Presentations: Riley Kaminer & Lily