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Teaching Schedule: Capitalism and Society

Michaelmas 2019

Thursdays 10:00 - 12:00 Location Seminar
17 October Room 204, ARB

Latin America and the World Market: Theorising the Continent’s Shifting International Integration (Pedro Mendes Loureiro)

24 October

Room 204, ARB

The State and Violence (Graham Denyer Willis) 

31 October

Room 204, ARB

Abandonment and its byproducts (Graham Denyer Willis) 

7 November Room 204, ARB

Class dynamics and class conflict (Helena Pérez Niño) 

14 November Room 204, ARB

Which Development? For Whom? Challenges from Latin America (Pedro Mendes Loureiro) 

21 November Room 204, ARB

Capitalism, Social Reproduction and Inequality (Pedro Mendes Loureiro)