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Emily Baker

Emily Baker

PhD Research

Nazism and the Second World War in Contemporary Latin American Literature

This project begins with the observation that nazism and the Second World War have become increased preoccupations for Latin American authors over the last two decades. Prior to this, the region’s literary exploration into the theme saw sporadic (but significant) offerings including various of Jorge Luis Borges’ stories and essays, Jose Emilio Pacheco’s Morirás lejos (1967), Carlos Fuentes’ Cambio de piel (1967), Ricardo Piglia’s Respiración artificial (1980), and Sergo Pitol’s El desfile del amor (1984). However, since 1996 there has been a steady stream of different insights into the topic which pose questions regarding evil, otherness, fascism, authoritarianism, immigration, nation, alternative forms of community, philosophy, psychoanalysis, the limits of language and the ethics and politics of representation. This project aims to shed light on the commonalities and divergences between these contemporary works in their approaches to these questions. The authors included in the study are Roberto Bolaño, Patricio Pron, Juan Gabriel Vásquez, Michel Laub, Jorge Volpi, Ignacio Padilla and Marcos Peres.

Before beginning postgraduate study at Cambridge I completed a BA in History, Literature and Culture of the Americas at the University of Warwick and a Minor in 'América Latina contemporánea' at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.



Supervising final year undergraduate groups for the Paper SP13: Contemporary Latin American Culture

Supervising an individual undergraduate dissertation on 'The Figure of the cocoliche in Argentine Culture'


Supervising second year undergraduate groups for Paper SP5: Latin American Culture and History

Teaching groups for SPA2/3: Translation from Spanish to English

Tutoring individuals towards French and Spanish GCSE

Other interests:


  • English (native language)
  • Spanish (full professional proficiency)
  • French (professional working proficiency)
  • Portuguese (working proficiency)
  • German (limited working proficiency)

Computing for the Humanities

  • Completion of the Certificate in Humanities Computing for Languages (CHUCOL) including two multimedia website projects.

Sport and Teamwork

  • Rowing, Jesus College Women’s 1st boat (2012-2014)
  • Rugby, Cambridge University Women's Rugby 1st XV (2011-2012)