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Centre of Latin American Studies


The Centre of Latin American Studies remembers Dr Francisco Kerdel-Vegas, co-founder of the Simón Bolívar Chair and member of Trinity College who sadly passed away in Madrid on June 18, 2020.

Dr Kerdel-Vegas played a pivotal role in the creation of the Centre’s most important academic appointment: the Simón Bolívar Chair, which has been occupied by some of the most renowned scholars from Latin America, including two Nobel Laureates –Octavio Paz (1969-70) and Mario Vargas Llosa (1977-78)– political figures like Fernando Henrique Cardoso (1976-77), and influential thinkers such as Celso Furtado, Carlos Fuentes and Beatriz Sarlo amongst many others.

Dr Kerdel-Vegas co- wrote, along with Miguel Angel Burelli Rivas, the book entitled La Catedra Simón Bolívar en la Universidad de Cambridge, which narrates the history of the Simón Bolívar Chair.

We received the news of his passing with great sadness and use this as an opportunity to celebrate and honour his enormous and invaluable contribution to the University of Cambridge and the Centre of Latin American Studies.

Our hearts and eternal gratitude are with his family and relatives in these difficult times.

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