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Centre of Latin American Studies


The Centre of Latin American Studies at the University of Cambridge invites applications for the 'Latin American Studies Fellowship' during 2020/21.

One fellowship is offered yearly to well-established (mid-career onwards) academics from all over the world, in any disciplinary area, whose research can have an impact in the region, as well as in academia.

The Visiting Fellow is awarded a modest subsistence allowance for a two month visit to the Centre, along with funds to cover a return flight. The visit is expected to take place during term time. In addition, the Latin American Studies Fellow is given access to research facilities, including libraries, and a desk in the Centre's building.

The application process includes a review by the Latin American Studies Advisory Committee, and  the approval of the Centre's Management Committee.

Decisions are made strictly on academic merit.

Application Deadline (for academic year 2020-21): 3 April 2020

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