Centre of Latin American Studies


Venezuela and Global Oil open workshop

11-12 January 2013
Wolfson College, Cambridge

Organisers: Charles Jones (Cambridge) and Asdrubal Baptista (IESA)

The recent election of Hugo Chávez for a third presidential term, forthcoming congressional elections in Venezuela, the imminent US presidential election and recent developments in global energy markets suggest that this is an appropriate moment to review the position of Venezuela as an oil producer and exporter from the perspectives of economics, history, technology and political science. Can Venezuela make the most of the new Orinoco belt? Was the August 2012 Amuay refinery explosion symptomatic of deeper malaise? What will be the outcome of ongoing disputes with oil majors? Distinguished speakers from Britain, Spain and Venezuela offer a timely overview of the underlying structural issues affecting Venezuelan oil prospects in this open workshop held in the Chamberlain Suite of Wolfson College, Cambridge.

Confirmed speakers include:

Asdrúbal Baptista (IESA and Cambridge) – ‘Beyond Resource Curse Theories’

Juan Carlos Boué (Oxford) – ‘The Place of Arbitration in the Governance Structures of Global Oil’

Julia Buxton (Bradford) – ‘The Political Context of Venezuelan Energy Production'

Ann Hapka (Cambridge) – ‘International Strategy of PDVSA under Chávez’

Bernard Mommer (Venezuelan Governor for OPEC) – ‘The Governance of Venezuelan Oil in the Long Run’

George Philip (LSE) – ‘Oil Policy in Venezuela and Mexico'

Andy Woods (Cambridge) – ‘Technological Challenges of Heavy and Very Heavy Crude and their Implications’

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