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Film and Visual Arts

2017/18 Teaching Schedule

Lucy Bollington (LB); Maite Conde (MC); Geoffrey Kantaris (GK); Rory O'Bryen (RO); Mara Polgovsky-Ezcurra (MP); Joanna Page (JP); Erica Segre (ES)

Michaelmas Term Seminars

Tuesdays, 11:00-12:30pm, Alison Richard Building

6 October

Room 204, ARB Introductory meeting
17 October Room 204, ARB Seminar 1: Introduction to Film Theory and Analysis (JP)
24 October Room 204, ARB

Seminar 2: Mimicry and Modernity in Latin American Cinema (MC and RO) 

Papers: Jo, Tom

31 October Room 204, ARB

Seminar 3: Animals, Landscapes and Violence in Contemporary Latin American Film (LB) 

Paper: Jo, John

7 November Room 204, ARB

Seminar 4: Women Photographers in Mexico and the Ethnic Subject (ES

Paper: Alicja

14 November Room 204, ARB

Seminar 5: Memory and Media in Post-Dictatorship Argentine Cinema (JP) 

Paper: Juliette, John

Lent Term Seminars

Tuesdays, 11:00-12:30pm

16 January

Room 204, ARB

Seminar 6: Waste Not Want Not: Film and Garbage (GK)

Paper: Tom, John

23 January

Room 204, ARB

Seminar 7: Film, Politics and History in Latin America (MC)

Papers: Alicja, Chalo

30 January Room 204, ARB

Seminar 8: Encounters between Ethnography and Conceptualism in Latin American Art (MP)  

Paper: Jo, Ana

6 February Room 204, ARB​

Seminar 9: ​Necropolitics and Biopoetics: War, Capital and the body in Contemporary Colombian Film (RO) 

Papers: Tom, Ana

13 February S4 Great Court, Trinity

Seminar 10: Afuerando: Body, Site and Dissensuality in Contemporary Multimedia and Performance Art in Latin America (ES)

Paper: Juliette

 20 February Room 204, ARB

Seminar 11: Technology, Myth and Modernity in Graphic Novels from Chile (JP) 

Paper: Alicja, John, Chalo