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Teaching Schedule: Modernity and Subjectivity in Latin American Literary Culture (MT)

Michaelmas 2018 Seminars


11:00 – 12:30



12 October

Room 204

1. Mimicry and Modernity in Early Latin American Cinema (Maite Conde and Rory O'Bryen)

19 October

Room 204

2. Roberto Arlt: Modernity, Anarchy, Culture (Rory O'Bryen)

26 October

Room 204

3. Art of the Media: From Piglia to Subcomandante Marcos (Carlos Fonseca)

2 November

Room 204

4. (The Destruction of) Sovereignty and Subjectivity in Michel Laub, Clarice Lispector and Juan Gabriel Vásquez (Emily Baker)

9 November

Room 204

5. The Haitian revolution in theory and text (Rory O'Bryen)

16 November

Room 204

6. Amauta, Indigenism and Modernity (Natalia Majluf)