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Modernity and Marginality in Latin American Literary Culture

2017/18 Teaching Schedule 

Steven Boldy (SB); Maite Conde (MC); Brad Epps (BE); Geoffrey Kantaris (GK); Rory O'Bryen (RO); Joanna Page (JP); Erica Segre (ES)

Michaelmas Term Seminars

Fridays, 11:00-12:30pm

Date Location Topic
6 October
Room 204, CLAS Introductory meeting to decide the first term seminar papers
13 October
Room 204, CLAS

The Popul Vuh and Indigenismo (GK). Ana and Christy to present

20 October
Room 204, CLAS

Republicanism and Subalternity: Jorge Isaacs, María and Candelario Obeso, Cantos populares de mi tierra (RO). Sian, Jay and Blanca to present. 

27 October Room 204, CLAS Cybernetic Fictions (JP) Christy and Patrick to present. 
10 November Emmanuel College

Rewriting the Gaucho (SB) Blanca and Jay to present.

13 November

Room 204, CLAS​ Queer Alternative Sexualities (BE) Sian, Ana, and Patrick to present.


Lent Term Seminars

Fridays, 11:00-12:30pm

Date Location Topic
19 January S4 Great Court Trinity College​ Writing and Revolt (ES / MC) Sian and Christy to present
26 January Room 204, CLAS Central American fiction post-testimonio - Rodrigo Rey Rosa and Horacio Castellanos Moya (RO) Ana and Jay to present. 
2 February K10, Jesus College

Reading 'Out of Place Ideas' in Machado de Assis (MC) Patrick, Ana and Jay to present.

9 February S4 Great Court Trinity College

Discrepant Subjectivities and Questing Narratives (ESBlanca and Sian to present.

16 February - Postponed to 2 March, 9:30 Room 204, CLAS Animality, biopolitics and science (JP) Patrick, Christy and Blanca to present.