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(Post)coloniality and the Decolonial Turn 

Joanna Page

The three essays set for pre-seminar reading are listed below; a PDF for the one that is not available online is available on the Moodle Core Course site. If postcolonial studies is a new field for you, there are some good introductions to postcolonial theory that you might like to consult – these are listed at the bottom, but they are not required reading for the seminar.

Required Reading

Please bring these three essays to the seminar (either in hard copy or on a laptop), as we will be referring to them in detail during the discussion. It may be helpful to read them in the order given below.

  • Coronil, Fernando. “Latin American Postcolonial Studies and Global Decolonization.” In Neil Lazarus, ed., The Cambridge Companion to Postcolonial Literary Studies (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2004): 221-40.
  • Castro-Gómez, Santiago. “(Post)Coloniality for Dummies: Latin American Perspectives on Modernity, Coloniality, and the Geopolitics of Knowledge.” In Mabel Moraña, Enrique Dussel, and Carlos A. Jáuregui, eds., Coloniality at Large: Latin America and the Postcolonial Debate (Durham and London: Duke University Press, 2008): 259-85 (you may omit the first part of this chapter and start at p. 269) (See Moodle) 
  • Grosfuguel, Ramón. “The Epistemic Decolonial Turn,” Cultural Studies 21: 2-3 (2007): 211-23.

Useful Introductory Works on Postcolonial Theory and Postcolonial Studies

  • Young, Robert C. Postcolonialism: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2003).
  • Childs, Peter, and Patrick Williams, eds. Introduction to Post-Colonial Theory (London and New York: Prentice Hall/Harvester Wheatsheaf, 1997).
  • Moore-Gilbert, Bart. Postcolonial Theory: Contexts, Practices, Politics (London and New York: Verso, 1997).

Further Reading on Postcolonialism and Decoloniality in Latin America