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Core Course Michaelmas 2020

Centre of Latin American Studies


(New?) Forms of Violence and Security in Latin America

Graham Denyer Willis

Required readings (see Moodle)

  • Davis, Diane E. "The age of insecurity: violence and social disorder in the new Latin America." Latin American Research Review 41.1 (2006): 178-197.
  • Denyer Willis, Graham. "The Gun Library: An Ethic of Crime in Sao Paulo". Boston Review (April 8, 2014).
  • Goldstein, Daniel M. "" In our own hands": Lynching, justice, and the law in Bolivia." American Ethnologist 30.1 (2003): 22-43.
  • Samet, Robert. "The photographer's body: Populism, polarization, and the uses of victimhood in Venezuela." American Ethnologist 40.3 (2013): 525-539.